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NOS is like taking your old mans Audi, lowering it on a mean set of 22’s, ripping off the exhaust and jacking it up with a mean as Nitrous Oxide System .. make that a freakin fighter jet Nitrous Oxide System!  That’s right! 

This is one of the most potent energy concoctions in the country.  You came here looking for an energy hit – we’re giving you one.  What else do you want us to say?




Our drag racing mates were yakking away the other month about “the higher the octane, the faster you go”.  We thought “Hell that makes sense” so went down and kicked our mad scientists into life. 

After many trials and a few singed eyebrows, the team came back with NOS High Octane!  If you wanna live a high performance lifestyle, then chuck back a can of NOS High Octance, tear off the hand brake and put your foot through the floor.